Saturday, April 2, 2011

Terrible Week

This week was a mess. Work was terrible, my parents were angry at me for not planning vacation already and my writing had grounded to a halt. Maybe I can pull the end of it out of the fire today. That is pretty much it, expect for a little thought experiment I want to post here.

1 - In order to make a Television series, you need props and sets. But in this case, I want to look at a single object. Great Britain's favorite Time Machine...The Type 40 Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. 

2 - The real life Tardis is an empty shell, made out of wood and glass. But here comes Quantum Theory, for which said prop is just another piece of matter. (It does not consider that the prop is a prop. In this case, matter is matter.)

3 - Now, let's presume there is indeed a multi-verse. (I know, I know, it's a hotly debated topic. But for the purpose of this experiment, we are presuming there is. Call it artistic license.) That would mean that there are infinite versions of this piece of matter.

4 - And here I hit a wall....Because that raises questions I can't answer, like...

- Does that mean that somewhere in the Multi-verse ? There is a universe - maybe even universes - where the prop is not a prop, but a real, living and functional Time Machine. Or is there something I am missing ?

Since the Tardis is a machine that violates the Laws of Psychics, do the Laws prevent some of the possibilities ? (Just like there are 'safeties' that make breaching C impossible. Well, at least according to Einstein.) And if such safeties do not exist, what does that spell for the multi-verse ?

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