Monday, July 11, 2011

What a mess

Today was a real mess at work....It was a total ping-pong match, with me being the ball. My boss was being a real ass today.

Apparently, last Friday, he had asked for people to put in some overtime after I had left for the day. (I hadn't left early, for the record. Somebody higher up limited my hours. It's a hidden cutback from years ago.) And this Monday, I found an E-mail in which he made sarcastic remark suggesting I was lazy ! Apparently, my boss thinks that I have a sixth sense that tells me when I should do overtime.

I wrote back a pretty pissed angry E-Mail. I work my butt off and he has the nerve to call me lazy. (I We have an office that has to be kept running, or the department will flood with pallets. Who keeps it going every afternoon ? Me !  (I have no idea how many pallets of goods I did the paperwork for today. I lost count near 30. That's in three hours and not counting all the trips to and fro the printer, or other stuff that crept up between.)  Apparently my boss thinks I'm a Cylon as well.

He'll probably yell at me tomorrow, but I don't care. If he sacks me, he sack me. If he doesn't, he doesn't.  Anyway, I didn't tell my parents - one of the benefits of having moved out, they aren't there to nag you when you get home - because I know what they were going to say. That I shouldn't have lost my temper. And that he probably didn't mean it like that, and more that psychologically and politically correct babble.

I simply didn't feel like hearing any of it. Not even over the phone. Of course, that didn't keep my inner political correctness from whispering in my ear. 'Stop complaining'...'There are people in Africa who have it much worse.'...etc, etc...Which brought me to another complaint....

Why does everything have to be politically and psychologically correct ? You know, something the 'soft-handling' from the people around me - including my parents - drives me nuts ! (I know they mean well, but sometimes *rolls eyes*)

Those people in Africa, they have it much worse, because of our greed. How do we get cheap stuff ? Cheap Chinese Labor ! How come we have more then enough food ? Because people in Africa are starving ! But, hey, as long as you're politically correct, it's all okay. All you sins will be forgiven ! To conclude, I would like to quote to Dutch gentlemen called Kooten and De Bie, who summed it all up perfectly...

"Mogge we even overgeve" (May we go and puke now.)

(Gods, I miss Xanthi on days like this.)

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