Friday, August 19, 2011

Who cries for Gallifrey ?

I can image people thinking..."Dude. it's just a TV-show..." it ? 

Because in order to make that TV show, you need sets and props and actors.....and - don't tell the actors this, or else they might feel insulted - all three are matter. And that means they HAVE to obey the rules of quantum physics. Which means there isn't just one Matt Smith, but infinite versions...and that means that in some universes, Matt Smith doesn't exist...but the Doctor does. And if the Doctor can exist, so can the rest of his universe. But it won't just been'll be hundred, thousand, maybe even millions - a whole spectrum of Whoniverses.

And within those Whoniverses, Time Wars...endless, endless Time Wars. To preserve the Multi-verse -  a million Time-Lords 'lost in blood-lost and insanity, with time itself finding new was to resurrect them, to die over and over again. A travesty of life'  Per second, per universe. Followed by, the end. The horrible, horrible, insane end. "The black and pitch, and screaming fire" Hundreds, thousand, perhaps even millions of Gallifreys burning to save US. Yes, you and me ! 

And what do we do with that gift....we Frak it up. We accept the average...we run the the bloody treadmill, because that's the proper thing to do. Somebody, please, tell me I'm wrong...Tell me I missed something. Tell me quantum physics has some gizmo that prevents certain things. And if you can do that...tell me it's okay to cry for Gallifrey. For those lost in war, and fire and insanity. (Even the Master, who died a noble death in the end.)

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