Saturday, June 16, 2012


Just some bits and pieces from this week.  Things I noticed, things that popped into my mind. Text messages that I send home. Like I said, bit and pieces.


08.00 Hours

The greatest demands are those we put upon ourselves - General wisdom

I'm on the train. It very strange. All the people on the train are taking the same journey, yet they are alone. Its like everybody is in an invisible cubicle. Some people are are sleeping, while others are reading the paper.

I did say a word to the girl next to me. First, I slept, while she read the paper. And then I ate my lunch. (While she looked out the window.) I have no idea who she was. Just that she was young and had blond hair. She got out in Utrecht. So did most of other passengers.

11.10 Hours

Brussels. The houses are different. More dirty (the mark of a large city) and higher. They have balconies and satellite dishes. It's as if the city has more then one level. With hidden places scattered throughout.

21.02 Hours

Subway / Underground

Noticed something weird today. The London Underground and the Paris Metro smell the same. That odd, unnatural smell that shouldn't be there, yet is so familiar and comforting. Of course, the Paris system is based on the London system, so many things are the same. But it is still strange.

Text message Day 1

Arrived in Paris in one piece. Took the Subway to the hotel. It took a while to find it. After that, we took a walk through the city. This was followed by a river cruise. Finally, I had a hamburger in a place across from the hotel. And now I'm resting in the hotel room.


10.00 Hours

It is early and rush hour is in full swing. The city is like an anthill of cars and people. Horns sound at random, and the hydraulics of buses and trucks hiss like the dragon of old.

Shifting gears

Throughout the city are these short posts with spheres on top. They're like a thousand gear levers. Which is ironic, because if you want to survive the traffic in this city, you have to put your brain and senses in the highest gear.

Pain and delight (aka the Eiffel Tower)

The views were delightful. But getting to them was a pain in the rear. (Not to mention the FEET !)

Text message Day 2

First we went to a really expensive shopping mall. Then we visited the Eiffel Tower and the Arc the Triumph. Finally, there was the Sacré-Cœur. LOTS OF STAIRS today. The Eiffel Tower does come with a lift, but the waiting line for it was for two hours long. So we climbed the stairs to reach the first two levels and only took the elevator to the top. Au ! But what a view !



There are enough pretty ladies in Paris, but there are two major problems. One, I know absolutely nothing about women (or flirting). And two, I don't understand a word they are saying ! So the home front can be relaxed, nothing is going to happen in that field.

Text message Day 3

Today we visited Leo's Mona (in the Louvre) and then we visited a Sewer Museum. After that, we visited a cemetery. I got photo's of Jimmy Morrison and Fred Chopin's graves. Finally, we went to watch the soccer game in a bar full of Dutchies. (Netherlands-Germany) The bar and mood were great. The game was rubbish. 


Traffic lights

A word from the wise: Obeying the traffic lights is optional in Paris. If you think you can get away with it without being killed - or killing somebody yourself - ignore them.


Twilight ? In Paris there is no such thing. Only the period when the sun goes down and the electric lights go to work. For - like New York - this city never sleeps.

Text message Day 4

Went to King Louie the 14th's palace. The palace was rubbish, but the gardens were fantastic. After that, we had a dinner and went to the Tour Montparnasse. Alas, I was only able to take two photo's before the camera up and died. But the view was still great.


Home Sweet Home

No place like it.

Note on Day 5

Send no text message. Today was a traveling day. Spend the rest of the day relaxing and getting ready for day 6. And that is all she wrote. (At least for now.)

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