Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New Plans

To begin with.....Happy New Year !
And now...on to business.....

First, I had an English course I had been following. The news is that the operative word here is HAD. I got fed up with it and chucked it in the waste bin. Not only was it loaded with nationalistic nonsense - one of assignments was to learn Rule Britannia - it wasn't really teaching me anything new, and contained mistakes. All in all, it was rubbish, so that is exactly where it ended up.

And second....I had to start my 'Phoenix' novel from scratch. Version 1.0 was not running smoothly anymore. It felt to constructed, to glued together. So I chucked that as well. But writing version 2.0 is now underway.

That's all, folks !

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