Monday, April 22, 2019

Aaaaand another one

Hello world,

What did this week bring? Read on....

Another Step Forward

I spent today typing a chunk of Chess Games in Cairo into my computer. There is also forward motion on the artwork for Buried Secrets and A Guy, Two Girls and a Serial Killer. While I have no idea when exactly it will be done, I'm crossing my fingers that it will done before July. And - so far - things are looking good. At the same time...

Star Trek Pathfinder

...Star Trek Pathfinder has slowly begun moving forward. We've only been going again for three days. And the e-mail count is not that impressive yet either. But it's a start. And I'll take what I can get. And moving on to...

Stargate Nova Roma

Chapter 8 of SGU Season 3.5 is now up. Chapter 9 is in the works. Alas, I have no idea when it will come out yet. Inspiration can be fickle.

And that's it, short and sweet.

Edmond Dantes

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Another week, another update

Hello People of Planet Earth,

I just thought I would change my opening for once. Anyhoo....

Write, write, write....

Work on Chess Games in Cairo is continuing. This week was writing and with a bit of luck, next weekend will be another round of typing. Also, I have one or two ideas brewing for Stargate Nova Roma. Hopefully, the typing will go fast and I will have time to put them on paper and get something out. But no promises. Anyhoo, moving on to....

....And Publish

The publishing date for A Guy, Two Girls and a Serial Killer and Buried Secrets has been kind of floating in the air. The original plan was to publish in early 2019. But then I decided to add artwork and then life got in the way.

It's nobody's fault, just annoying. A day job pays the bills - fortunately for me - but it also swallows all your time. Anyway, after some discussion and plotting, I decided to pin the date down to July 2019 at the latest. And we're walking....

USS Pathfinder

The Star Trek: Pathfinder relaunch is still in the brewing stage. But I wanted to bring it up again, so that I could advertise it, so to speak. Who knows, maybe sharing this blog on Twitter will bag us a new member. And even if it doesn't, there's no harm in trying.

And that's all for today,

Edmond Dantes

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Getting going again

Hello world,

Here we go, subject Numero Uno is...

Chess Games in Cairo

My muse wasn't really talking. Fortunately, I still had some catching up to do in the typing department. (I spent most of yesterday getting it done.) Also, the experimenting with mailing this blog around is continuing. Between these two moves, I'm counting this weekend along making progress. (Yeah!) part of the PR-plan, I got a Twitter account. I knew it would be a while before I publication, but that was the whole point. That way, I could build up some tweets before (re)launch day. Now, it's been a year and the tweet count is 190-ish, with 10 people following me. With that noted, time to move on to...

Star Trek Frontier Fleet/USS Pathfinder

STFF was a Play-by-E-mail Role-playing Game. Was being the operative word, because it went kaput in January of 2019. But now there are (the first) rumblings of it being restarted. I really hope it gets off the ground again. Because to be honest, I've been missing my FF buddies. And some recreational writing to distract from my day-job and attempts to become a professional don't hurt.

Television Shows

I recently finished a Warehouse 13 re-watch. Great show. And a great reminder of how much SyFy channel messed up over the years. Every time they had a good show, they cancelled it after its fourth or fifth season. What a bunch of jerks. (And don't even get me started on Stargate Universe.)

And that's all for today,

Edmond Dantes

Sunday, March 31, 2019

What I've been up to

Hello world,

So...what have I been up to. Well....

Stargate Nova Roma

For the last couple of weeks, I've put Chess Games in Cairo on hold to dust off Stargate Nova Roma (and my 128 Blog). The result is four new chapters to the story. (Starting at 2.4 and ending at 2.7) But with March over, its time to get back to the novel.

That said, I do have an idea for my 128 (story) blog. But it will be a while before I can get around to actually writing it. So what is said idea? Read on...

Roy at War

A while ago, I discovered that Donald Duck's full name is Donald Fauntleroy Duck. To set my version apart from the main version, I'm calling him Roy. (Short for Fauntleroy.) As for what it is actually about. Well...

Donald Duck's Navy career is barely shown. And when it is shown, it usually treated as a joke. Which makes sense for the main version. He is meant to be a funny guy after all. But I couldn't help wondering what a serious/realistic version of his wartime story would look like. So the plan is to write a proof-of-concept story one day.

For now, however, moving on to....

The Novels

As mentioned above, Chess Games in Cairo has been on hold for a bit. But I'm now getting back to it. Also, I'm going to start experimenting with E-mailing my Blog around. At the moment, I don't know how that works (exactly), so I need to start doing some practicing.

As for publication of the first two novels, the experimentation is part my research for the promotion campaign. Also....a while ago....I decided that the books would be better by adding several schematics. But these are/have been taking time.

(I'm horrible at drawing. Fortunately, I found somebody who is much better. But he has a day-job, so he works on it when he can.) 

And that is all for now,

Edmond Dantes

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Shameless Self-Promotion

Hello world,


It's been ages, but I've been working on reviving my Stargate fan-fiction. I also wanted to dust off my NCIS fan story...but my muse is only in the mood for Stargate, so that is not happening. Instead, I'm going to start work on Chapter 2.5. It (probably) won't be done today, but I'll take what I can get.

Also, the theme was getting a bit dusty, so I changed it. On top of that, I need to take a closer look at my 128 Blog and see if I can turn it into more of proper website. Finally, a warning, my fan fiction is not short. Season 1 - which is actually Season 3.0 of Universe - comes in at 17 Chapters and just over 36,000 words. Season 2 - aka Universe 3.5 - is now at 4 chapters and 7,000-ish words.

Anyhoo, back to work....

Edmond Dantes

Saturday, March 9, 2019

A Strange Combination

Hello world,

So here we are again. Things have been quiet here for a while. As for why...well, it's a strange combination of things having been really hectic - at work - and at the same time being really rather silent. Long story short, there was nothing to write (about). So this is probably going to be a rather short entry. Anyhow, moving on to....


The state elections are coming up. On March 20th, the people of the Netherlands will get to vote for the provinces. Which will not only change things at the State Level, but will also change things on the national level. You see, the people who run the States get to elect the members of the Senate/Upper Chamber (Eerste Kamer in Dutch). And losing the majority there will make things harder for the parties running the country. (Which is fine with me.) With that done, time to go on to....


Not much to report on this front. Work on novel number three continues (slowly, but steady). I'll soon have to have another typing session. But for now, I'll continue work the old-fashioned way. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I prefer pen and paper. (I also prefer calling ships 'she', but that is a story for another time.) And finally....


I really need to dust off my 128 blog. I haven't written a new chapter for Stargate Nova Roma since (September) 2017. Also, my NCIS fan-fiction story has been stuck for quite a while. But my muse simply hasn't been talking to me. Still, something for me to spend time on next weekend. But for now, novel number three to work on.

That's all for today....folks,

Edmond Dantes

Sunday, February 3, 2019


Hello World,

So...what's happening over here in Zwollywood? Well, to begin with I'm trying not to let my blog gather so much dust. But sometimes there is simply nothing to report, so the blog is silent. Today, however, that is not the case. Moving on to subject number one...


A quick check revealed that its been a while since I tagged a post with the label. (The last one was in April 2018.) The reasons why are simple. To begin with....Donald Trump is an idiot. (Not that this is news to anybody, but I'm stating it anyway.) I know that there some people - like Peter David - who fill their blogs with rants about Trump and the stupid things he does. And that is his right. I just don't feel like spending one more second thinking about that buffoon than necessary. Thank Heaven I life in Europe. Which brings me to reason number two...

Brexit. Ugh. I'm sick and tired of hearing about this. I think it was a bad decision that will come back to bite the people of the United Kingdom in the ass. But, it's their country...and they can do with it as they please. Any how, moving on to subject number two.


I did another day of typing on Chess Games in Cairo. The chunk of novel that I had already written is now in my computer. So now comes the hard part....writing more. Meanwhile, I found somebody to help me with the commercial campaign for novels one and two. But said help has a day job, so it will still be a while. More info as it comes around. For now, moving on to...


My bicycle finally got fixed. Yay ! It's good to be able to move around town at any time again. You don't realize how lucky you are to have something until you lose it. Being without my bike was really annoying.

And finally, I changed the theme of my blog. The old was growing a bit stale, so I picked a new one. Someday, I'll (think about) put(ting) up a costume theme. But not in the short term. Any how, that's it for today.

Edmond Dantes