Sunday, February 3, 2019


Hello World,

So...what's happening over here in Zwollywood? Well, to begin with I'm trying not to let my blog gather so much dust. But sometimes there is simply nothing to report, so the blog is silent. Today, however, that is not the case. Moving on to subject number one...


A quick check revealed that its been a while since I tagged a post with the label. (The last one was in April 2018.) The reasons why are simple. To begin with....Donald Trump is an idiot. (Not that this is news to anybody, but I'm stating it anyway.) I know that there some people - like Peter David - who fill their blogs with rants about Trump and the stupid things he does. And that is his right. I just don't feel like spending one more second thinking about that buffoon than necessary. Thank Heaven I life in Europe. Which brings me to reason number two...

Brexit. Ugh. I'm sick and tired of hearing about this. I think it was a bad decision that will come back to bite the people of the United Kingdom in the ass. But, it's their country...and they can do with it as they please. Any how, moving on to subject number two.


I did another day of typing on Chess Games in Cairo. The chunk of novel that I had already written is now in my computer. So now comes the hard part....writing more. Meanwhile, I found somebody to help me with the commercial campaign for novels one and two. But said help has a day job, so it will still be a while. More info as it comes around. For now, moving on to...


My bicycle finally got fixed. Yay ! It's good to be able to move around town at any time again. You don't realize how lucky you are to have something until you lose it. Being without my bike was really annoying.

And finally, I changed the theme of my blog. The old was growing a bit stale, so I picked a new one. Someday, I'll (think about) put(ting) up a costume theme. But not in the short term. Any how, that's it for today.

Edmond Dantes

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Bits and pieces

Hello world,

Still alive and kicking. So, what's happening these days? Well, there's good and bad news....

The Bad News

My bicycle broke. Which is REALLY limiting and annoying. I made some calls. Alas, a part had to be ordered. Which it was, but it has not been delivered yet. Thank heaven Zwollywood has good public transportation. Otherwise not having my bicycle would be even more annoying.

Also, planning the commercial campaign for A Guy, Two Girls and a Serial Killer and Buried Secrets is going to take (more) time. So, I'm afraid patience will be required.

The Good News

Star Trek Discovery has begun. And, so far, Season Two is (shaping up to be) better then Season One. At the same time, Star Wars Resistance appears to be planting some serious seeds and getting ready for going darker and more adult. The mid-season trailer of Resistance was a good indicator that this was going to happen, but it nice to see it actually happening.

Finally, while commercial campaign is (slowly) doing its thing, I have begun work on my third novel of the August Adventures. I already wrote a chunk a while back, which I'm now typing into Word to get the manuscript started.

(And get back into the mood for writing the rest of the novel.) Also, the title is now Chess Games in Cairo. (The plan is for that to be the final title. But no promises. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.)

That's all for now folks,

Edmond Dantes

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Stuff happening

Hello world,

So....January is here....yeah ! In fact, we're two weeks into 2019. And there is stuff happening. Like....

USS Pathfinder

Alas, due to circumstances, the plug has been pulled on the adventures of the USS Pathfinder. A Play-by-Email role-playing game, this marks the end of eighteen years of Star Trek adventures. I wasn't around from day one, but still....we had gone run and it was fun. And I'm going to miss the old girl.


A Guy, Two Girls and a Serial Killer has been proofread and corrected. Thus, bringing publication one step closer. But now comes the hard part....planning the promotional campaign. I have limited funds, so I need to pick my moves carefully. But pick them I will.


Finally, the Christmas void is behind us. And one by one, all the shows I am following are coming back on the air. And even better, it's only a couple more days before season two of Star Trek Discovery airs. I know that season one took a lot of flak, but I am hopeful that season two will be better.

At the very least, it will give Captain Pike some much needed extra/new episodes. I mean, come on....Captain Kirk gets 78 episodes and six movies - Kelvin timeline stuff doesn't count - and what does Pike get ? Three episodes. Two of which were rehashes of episode one, with just a frame story around it. That sounds a little off-balance to me.

Anyway, that's all for now.

Edmond Dantes

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Yeah, almost there !'s December 30th ! Two more days and it's January and 2019 ! So, to begin with...

Happy New Year ! 

And - now that the dust is slowly is beginning to settle - that also means that I will begin correcting the manuscript of A Guy, Two Girls and a Serial Killer. That, and planning the promotional campaign.

Other then that, there is not much going on. So, see you in 2019.

Edmond Dantes

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Managing Expectations

Hi world,

I rarely write two blog entries on a day, but I felt that - for the sake of clarity - I needed to write a short addendum. Here goes...

Like I said, I won't be spending time on the manuscript this week. The thing I forgot to add, is that - even if I did - my novels would not be published right away. Why not ? Well, because I would need time to design - for lack of a better term - the commercial campaign.

I have nailed down some things - such as writing an announcement on this blog and using my LinkedIn page and twitter account to send word out - but there is still plenty for me to figure out.

For instance, this blog has zero readers. So writing an announcement is nice, but rather useless. Long story short, there are still indeed issues for me to fix.

(And in case anybody wonders why I keep writing this blog, if nobody reads it anyway. Well, I like doing it. And it keeps my write muscles practiced when the Pathfinder is slow going. And if I do - somehow - manage to rope in readers later, it can't hurt to have a back catalogue for people to read between new entries.)

Edmond Dantes

Sloooooowly getting there

Hi world, days closer to January, yeah ! Also, the proofread of A Guy, Two Girls and a Serial Killer is done. Alas, it will be a while before I can start putting the corrections into the manuscript. The reason why is simple. My day job has been hit by the pre-christmas craziness.

For the record, I work in a company that delivers mail. I push some paper, I reset the workspace so that the evening shift folks - who do the bulk of the sorting - don't have to. And whatever else I can find to fill the day. (Including sorting mail that shows up before the evening shift folks do.)

Anyhoo......things are crazy busy right now. And it's a a matter of surviving the week one day at time. (If anybody has figured out how to survive two days at time, drop me a note so I can post it on-line. The world needs that secret.....well, that and the secret recipes for Grandma Mitchell's cookies. Yes, I'm looking at you, Ben Browder.) Which means that when (or if ?) I make it home in one piece, I am simply too tired to work on my novel. I'm sorry, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

With that done, I'm moving on to....


The big, black void around Christmas is almost upon us. It's that period of the year when Christmas movies and specials just drown out (nearly) everything. And it's not just TV, it's the radio as well. (Curse you, Wham ! *Shakes fist* I really hate that song ! You know the one. And Frak you, Deadpool ! Whoever came up with that number deserves to be shot, revived, and then shot again ! Right in the testies ! But I'm going off track here....) So, I turn both off and survive on my stockpile of old episodes. Which is my segway to....

Star Wars Resistance

It took me a couple of episodes, but now I'm over the change in animation style. (Apparently, the Rebels/Clone Wars style is REALLY expensive.) Anyway, IMHO, it's a nice show, but....Kaz does the things he does....well, more by dumb luck so far. Not skill. And in Rebels and Clone Wars, you felt the stakes. Resistance is to light-hearted for that.

If they want to take Resistance from nice to excellent, they need to raise the stakes and stop the fumbling/messing around. So I'm kind of hoping that the deal between Doza and the First Order happens, because - right now - it feels like that is exactly what the story needs. (And then, of course, the Force Awakens happens, but that is for farther done the line.....)


All caught up. Agent Liberty is a jerk. And something tells me that he's going to me a major pain in the rear for our heroes. Also, with the announcement of Crisis on Infinite Earth, I'm wondering how the Supergirl duplicate situation will turn out.

Might be a nice way for them to have their cake and eat it to. They could kill off the original (US) one - allowing them replicate her death from the comics - and continue the show with the Russian one. Could be a nice way to shake things up. Or they could play it safe and kill Supergirl Russia. Only time will tell.

And that's all, folks ! 

Edmond Dantes

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Is it January yet ?

Hi world,

So.....euhm.....I'm not a fan of December. I love spending quality time with the family. And the celebrations are great. But....It's cold and rainy. Not to mention dark. And worse, all my favorite TV-shows are going on hiatus, with NCIS: Los Angeles being the last on 16 December. I said...not a fan. Fortunately, I have several episodes of Supergirl stockpiled and several season of CSI - Miami and NY - to get through. So, I'll muddle through.

Edmond Dantes