Monday, August 7, 2017

And another Four !

Hello world,

So...I ended up riding a wave a of inspiration a bit longer then planned. Chapter 9 of Nova Roma went up on 23 July, followed by Chapter 10 on 29 July. Then I began work on Chapter 11. The thing was....Chapter 11 (which was posted on 6 August) ended on a cliffhanger.

And it just felt wrong to leave said cliffhanger unresolved. (That's one of the reason's I started this story, so that I could - hopefully - one day, solve what happened to Eli.) And today I posted Chapter 12. As for Chapter 13 ?....well, that is unlucky. Unlucky because it will have to wait. Tomorrow I am resuming work on my NCIS story. Later.

Edmond Dantes

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Two more chapters..

Hello World,

So, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that my NCIS isn't going anywhere at the moment. The good news is that the reason it isn't going anywhere is because I have been working on Stargate: Nova Roma. Since publishing Chapter 6 - see previous entry - I have put out Chapter 7 (on 15 July) and Chapter 8 (22 July/today).

And now I am starting work on Chapter 9. But don't worry, I plan to resume work on my NCIS story in August. I have, however, noticed by switching from section at - from Battlestar Galactica to NCIS - I have basically started from scratch when it comes to readers. My new story has no followers (yet), while Battlestar Xanthi ended with 20-ish readers in the end. But those are the realities of writing outside your comfort zone.


Edmond Dantes.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Almost forgotten....

...but not quite.

Hello World,

I was planning to continue work on my NCIS story. And I will. However, I discovered - much to my dismay - that I had not updated/continued Stargate Nova Roma since February. So I decided to put my NCIS story on hold - for a bit - and write a new chapter. Which I am glad to report is now up on my fiction Blog 128.


Edmond Dantes

Monday, June 19, 2017

One NCIS story, as promised.

Hello World,

Time for another update. So....

...After my vacation on Crete, I got a letter from the local hospital. And on May 23, yours truly went under the knife. Fortunately, it was nothing dramatic. You see, I've been having some trouble with my teeth. There simply wasn't enough space in my mouth for all of them.

So my dentist recommended that I get my wisdom teeth pulled. And after some talking with the folks at the hospital, it was decided to make it a proper surgery and yank all four at the same time. Then my vacation happened and when I came back, I found that the surgery had been scheduled. So I went...

Au ! While the surgery went fine, I need tons of painkillers the week after. But that was not the problem. The problem was the tube which they used to keep me breathing during the surgery had nicked the side of the windpipe. And this led to throat infection. Thank Heaven for antibiotics. (They're a pain to swallow, but they get the job done.)

After that, I finally got back to my day job and found....well, a mess. While I was down for the count, somebody else had also gotten sick and the result was...chaos. (I won't bore you with the details.) The result of this was that my inspiration levels dropped like ton of bricks. However, I am happy to report that they are now slowly recovering. The results can be read here:

Finally, I am now 34 years old. (Perhaps turning a year older gave me the kick in the butt I needed to start writing again, perhaps not.) Anyway, that's all folks.

Edmond Dantes

Friday, May 19, 2017


Hello world,

After a very nice vacation on Crete, I had to some catching up to do. Between accumulated mails and chores, I need three days to get things back on schedule. But now my house is clear, the fridge is stocked and I have time to write my blog again.

While on Crete, I have actually made an interesting discovery about my blog. I've been mispronouncing the name for ages. Xanthi Rising is named after the Battlestar Xanthi. And said Battlestar is named after the town of Xanthi in Greece. I picked the name because Xanthi is located in an area known as Thrace, which was a nice tie-in back to Kara Thrace (aka Starbuck).

The thing Greek (both the current version and the ancient), the X stands for CH. And that is pronounced as a soft G. So while you write Xanthi, it is pronounced Ganthi (or maybe Chanthi ?) The things you discover on while on vacation. 😉


Another thing I did in my vacation was make some progress in my book case. For...well, way to long, I have had a shelf of books I still have to read. But now I am slowly making progress. And speaking of books....


On 14 May 2014, my cousin Martijn passed away. And now, there is a book about him. Alas - sorry for my English readers - this book only comes in Dutch. I picked up my copy today and have already skimmed through it. And I can tell is a true work of art. For those of you who wish further information, there is more behind these links...

Finally, today I got around to updating my scrapbook. When I was in my pre-teens, I would often ask my grandparents about how things were they were young. And some times, they could not remember the answers to the questions I asked them. This inspired me to 'secure' some things for nephews and nieces for when they were older.

So I brought a photo album and started gluing in little things, creating a personal (family) history books of sort. Amongst the things found in this scrap book are a couple of movie stubs, pieces of airlines tickets (including one from my recent vacation to Crete), a article on the moon landing, some old stamps....

And plenty of other things. This left me with one last thing to do. Update my blog. Which is now done as well.  😊

Edmond Dantes

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Still here...

...alas, the last (couple of) month(s) have been far from inspirational. But now the waters are calming down again. And summer is approaching fast. Which - over here in the Netherlands - always begins with a day of sadness and a day of joy.

The 4th of May is the Day of Remembrance. We remember all the people who died fighting for freedom in WW2 (and since). The 5th is Liberation Day, the day the Nazi occupational forces surrendered. These are always odd days.

Beyond that, there is no much to tell. I'm getting around to some chores I have been putting off for a while...such as properly writing my LinkedIn page (the current version is rather minimalist, and basically version 0.5) and taking another hard look at my page. And, of course, dusting off Xanthi Rising. Hopefully, this will increase my Internet visibility a bit. (Basically, the time has come to do some Internet housekeeping.)

Edmond Dantes

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Why I picked Edmond Dantes as an alias...

...or why the Netherlands isn't perfect either.  (Trump, Wilders, George Lucas and Chateau d'If.)

With the elections creepy near over here in the Netherlands, I felt it was time to write this blog. To begin, I have a run-of-the-mill piece of news. A couple of entries ago...I kind of promised that I would write an NCIS story on I am happy to announce that work on Chapter 1 began today. Alas, since this outside my comfort zone of writing (aka Science Fiction) - which was the whole point - it will take time. And now, on to the main show....

Trump and Wilders

The point I was trying to make with my open letter to Peter David was that Trump was a threat to the US of A. Not just because he's an idiot - which he is  - but because he represents the class society. (He's a spoiled, pampered, arrogant <insert long list of curses>.) The very thing that the founding father wanted to get rid off. Donald Trump is the antitheses of every principle the country was founded on.

What does this have to do with the Netherlands ? Well, the words are very different - as is the history - but the Netherlands' constitution is based on the same principles. And we even have our own Donald Trump. He's called Geert Wilders. And like Donald Trump, he's a (racist) idiot. As the saying goes...those who fail from history are doomed to repeat it. And Geert Wilders is a repeat just waiting to happen. And the only way to prevent it is to go vote, for anybody who is not him. Who you should vote for instead ? Well, that is for you to decide for yourself....

George Lucas and....

Moving on. The subject name for this section was a bit hard to lock down. This because I was inspired by an episode of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Indy run into Doctor Albert Schweitzer and the two of them have a conversation on a boat. (It's a long story, it would be shorter to simply watch the episode.) But since George Lucas created the show, he gets the title slot. So, anyway, to get to the point....

Albert tells Indy that society doesn't want men to think and come to their own convictions. It wants servants who do as they are told. And that people go along, because it is easy to let society do your thinking for your. That way, all you have to do, is follow.

The sad truth is that this was true when Albert told Indy - during World War One - and it is still true now. When I got started on this blog - years ago - it was basically a very angry, very immature rant against my day job in a sheltered workshop. (PDD-NOS is a bitch.)

It's not something I'm proud of, but fortunately with time came wisdom and self-control. But that does not change the fact that I am very critical of the whole concept and the management of the sheltered workshop in Zwolle. (Which is called Wezo, for the record.) Which brings me to my next subject.

...Chateau d'If

People say the class society is gone. But - at least in my experience - when you work in a sheltered workshop or have some kind of disability, that is far from true. In the 2002 movie version of the Count of Monte Cristo, the main character - Edmond Dantes - is send to a jail called Chateau d'If. Edmond tells the warden he is innocent - which he is - and the warden tells him that he knows that this true. Because Chateau d'If is the prison people who are politically inconvenient are locked away.

While the sheltered workshops in the Netherlands were once about what was best for the people who worked there, but in time that changed. And not for the better. The workshops became about commercialism. Which is where what Albert told Indy shines through once again. This became painfully obvious when - a couple of years ago - the folks in The Hague made a decision.

Everybody (at the sheltered workshops) had to be seconded to commercial companies. This was not done because it was the best for the employees. This was done because the sheltered workshop program had become to expensive. At the same time, they decreed that every company above a certain size that to have a certain percent of handicapped employees. They also decided that companies which did not do so, could be fined up to 5000 Euros. The thing is....

To hire somebody full-time (or two part-timers, who together make up one extra employee) costs at least 1000 Euros per month. Times twelve + vacation money + the Christmas bonus is 13000-ish dollars per year. In short, it is cheaper to pay the fine, then to comply with the law. (And that's just the new employees paycheck. I'm sure there are other costs as well.)

Further more, the cynic in me says that if it was that easy...why were the sheltered workshop created in the first place. That same cynic also says that the answer was so that society could hide away the handicapped people without having to feel guilty. After all, it was their own good, sending them there. Wasn't it ?


But when you are on the inside, it feels like Chateau d'If. (At least, it did to me.) A prison where the people made only mistake. They were born different from the rest of society. And so, Edmond Dantes seemed fitting.

Edmond Dantes