Saturday, October 19, 2019

Still kicking

Hello World,

So, it's been ages since I've written anything on my blog. Things have been kind of slow and there has not been much to tell. So, scraping the bottom of the barrel...


Because of people being on vacation, trying to promote my novels in August - yeah, the irony wasn't lost on me - and September was going nowhere fast. Fortunately, things have been slowly been getting back into motion now. I've send paperback copies out to some papers and organization to fish for reviews. It's a long shot, but sometimes that's all you've got.

As for writing, my (novel) inspiration decided that it wanted a vacation of its own. So that came to a screeched halt. But now it's slowly starting to flex its muscles again. And it was not all bad....

Stargate and Star Trek

...because when the one inspiration went for some sun, the other one grabbed the wheel. Star Trek Pathfinder has been going strong, as has Stargate Universe Season Four. The last time we saw Spera and her intrepid crew, I was at Chapter 11. Now, Chapter 18 is up on and Chapter 19 and 20 are in the works.

And that's all folks,

Ruben Hilbers

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Stargates and sales

Hello world,

So to begin with, the sales bit of the title. Alas, said sales have not been all that impressive. I sold some copies, but I am still stuck in the single-digit segment of the count. On the bright side, things have been happening on the Stargate side of the equation....

Stargate Nova Roma

Back in 2016, I had finished my Battlestar Xanthi fan-fiction and I was not very happy with the fact that MGM studios was not doing anything with Stargate franchise. So, just for fun, I started writing my own Stargate Universe continuation. I figured that my chances of getting noticed if I posted it on were zero (or less), so I created a blog called 128 to post it on.

The plan was to write other fan-fiction and thus create my own collection. But because other projects swallowed all of my free time, the other fan-fiction never crystallized. And lets been honest, this blog is currently still a dark, forgotten corner of the internet. And 128 is even darker and more forgotten.

So, I had zero readers. I even forgot about the story, for like....all of 2018 and a chunk of 2017. This year, however, has seen Stargate Nova Roma moving ahead again.

Moving to Fanfiction,net

Since I had zero readers, I figured that there was nowhere to go, except up. So I published Stargate Nova Roma on I combined Season One and Season Two of Stargate Nova Roma to become Stargate Universe Season Three. The plan is for Season Three of Nova Roma to become the first half of Stargate Universe Season Four.

And, if I make that far, Season Four of Nova Roma to become the rear half. After that ?....euhm....let's just get there first. Finally, I want to discuss....

Removing some dust (and sneaky promotion)

When I was checking the traffic numbers on my page, I realized that my profile page was three years old, which is Ancient (see what I did there ?😛) by internet standards. So I rewrote said page.

And it was not the only thing that was getting dusty. My signature on the Gateworld Forums was the next to get a make-over. I update it with links to my Stargate story at and sneaked in some links to promote my book.

That done, all I needed was to update my blog and then to Twitter about it.

And that is all I wrote,

Ruben Hilbers

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Developments / Onwikkelingen

Hallo Lezers,

Het is enkele dagen geleden dat mijn twee boeken gepubliceerd zijn. In de dagen daarna ben ik druk bezig geweest met het promoten van mijn boeken. Als deel van deze onderneming heb ik enkele persberichten naar lokale (Nederlandse) kranten gestuurd. Hopelijk leidt dit er toe dat medewerkers van deze kranten deze site bezoeken.

Daarom leek het mij gepast een stukje Nederlands tekst te schrijven, in plaats van het Engels waarin ik normaal schrijf. Verder heb ik de links gereorganiseerd om ze meer overzichtelijk te maken.

Ten slotte wilde ik melden dat hoofdstuk 11 van Stargate Nova Roma nu on-line te lezen is. Stargate Nova Roma is een vervolg van Stargate Universe. (Stargate Universe is een serie gemaakt door MGM, over een groep mensen die per ongeluk stranden op Destiny, een buitenaards schip)

Een fijne dag gewenst,

Ruben A. Hilbers


Hello World,

It has been a couple of days since the publication of A Guy, Two Girls and a Serial Killer, along with Buried Secrets. In those days, I have been busy promoting the novels. This included sending a press release to several local newspapers.

If everything goes as planned, this will lead to employees of those newspapers visiting this site. Hence, the piece of dutch text above.

Another thing I did as part of this campaign was to reorganize the links on this blog. Hopefully, this makes them look more professional and makes them easier to use.

And finally, Chapter Eleven of Stargate Nova Roma (of season 2) is up and available. I changed the link name from 128 to Stargate Universe, because I expect it will be a while before the blog where I post it will contain other fan fiction stories.

And that is all I have for today,

Ruben A. Hilbers

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Hello world,

So....the big day is here. Publication of my two novels is finally happening. Its been a long road, but now the end is in sight. As for quality of said novels, well.....I believe there is a saying that says that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, if you want to buys one - or both - of these books, the links are below.

And that is all I wrote for today.

Ruben A Hilbers


A Guy, Two Girls and a Serial Killer

E-Book #1
Paperback #1

Buried Secrets

E-Book #2
Paperback #2

Monday, June 17, 2019

Plan and Changes

Hello World,

Here we go....

Goodbye Edmond

Many, many years ago, I picked the name Edmond Dantes as my writing name. Back then - at least to me - it made sense. My internet footprint wasn't that big and I really liked the Count of Monte Cristo - I still do, it's a good book - so I went with it.

But the times have changed. My internet footprint has gotten bigger. I got a Twitter account and a LinkedIn page. I've also published several fan fiction stories since. And now, my own name is better suited for my plans. If you Google Edmond Dantes, this blog is nowhere near the top. But if you search for Ruben Hilbers, it's on the first page. So, goodbye Edmond, it's been fun.


What this means is that my novels will say Ruben Hilbers on the cover. (Okay, technically Ruben A. Hilbers. But details, details...) Also, Plan A was to publish the books at Brave New Books, which is the self-publishing section of There is, however, one major downside of is that site only comes in Dutch.

When I originally published A Guy, Two Girls and a Serial Killer - under its original title of Hollywood - back in 2016, it took several months for the book to end up on And it didn't even expected it to.

This time, however, I want to do better. And means there's a fair chance I'll have to change (self-)publisher. But, which one ? There are LOTS of options. So - for the past two days - I've doing research and there's more ahead. Including figuring out the Commercial Campaign. Long story short, it's going to a busy week.

That's all for today.

Ruben A. Hilbers

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Getting going again

Hello world,'s been a while since I've written anything for my blog. Between a period that I wasn't feeling so hot and a much needed vacation to the beautiful island of Rhodes, several weeks have passed. But now,  I'm back. So, getting down to business...


Both A Guy, Two Girls and a Serial Killer and Buried Secrets are ready to go. And the chances of publication in July are looking good. The only thing that still needs to be done, is planning the promotional campaign. I only have a small amount of money to work with, so I need to figure out how to get the most bang for my buck.

Star Trek: Pathfinder

The Pathfinder relaunch is now in full swing. The amount of e-mails has gone up to a healthy number, and we've gotten a new member. Of course, more is better. So, if love Star Trek, and you're looking for a Play-by-E-mail RPG see:

Stargate Nova Roma

Chapter 9 and 10 of Stargate Nova Roma / Stargate Universe Season 3.5 are now available:

As tension between Earth and the Lucian Alliance come to a head, the fates of both sides and the Milky Way Galaxy as a whole will be changed forever....

That's all for today,

Edmond Dantes

Monday, April 22, 2019

Aaaaand another one

Hello world,

What did this week bring? Read on....

Another Step Forward

I spent today typing a chunk of Chess Games in Cairo into my computer. There is also forward motion on the artwork for Buried Secrets and A Guy, Two Girls and a Serial Killer. While I have no idea when exactly it will be done, I'm crossing my fingers that it will done before July. And - so far - things are looking good. At the same time...

Star Trek Pathfinder

...Star Trek Pathfinder has slowly begun moving forward. We've only been going again for three days. And the e-mail count is not that impressive yet either. But it's a start. And I'll take what I can get. And moving on to...

Stargate Nova Roma

Chapter 8 of SGU Season 3.5 is now up. Chapter 9 is in the works. Alas, I have no idea when it will come out yet. Inspiration can be fickle.

And that's it, short and sweet.

Edmond Dantes