Monday, February 6, 2017

Quantity and Quality

Hello want-to-be-writers of the World,

After I finished my post yesterday, I realized that there was something else to discuss. The issue of quantity versus quality. To be honest, most of the posts here are run-of-the-mill announcements - continuing work on this, posted a chapter of that - and posts like Inspiration and Chess and Chekhov are much rarer things.  As demonstrated by the multi-month gap between the two.

However, whenever I do research on how to promote my blog, I always find the same thing.....write regularly. But is that enough ? You can write a lot, but if the quality is sub-par, why should people read it ? This is another reason why writing is hard. Or perhaps is should say that writing is easy, good writing is hard.

But that is exactly is good writing? Well, as I often say, decide for yourself. It is after all a matter of opinion and taste. (I could do a piece on putting opinions in writing, but that can wait.) But I will give one simple piece of advice:  Don't be afraid to step outside your confront zone. Yes, you will fall flat on your face (probably more then once). But it is the only way to grow.

As for me....I am currently pondering writing a NCIS story on Fan (And you can consider this the announcement.) I have no idea on which character it will about and what the plotline will be. And there is a good chance I will fall on my face. But as Frankie 'Blue Eyes' Sinatra would put it, that's life....

Edmond Dantes

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