Saturday, May 21, 2016

Promoting Hollywood

Hello world,

Time for an update.... My attempt to promote Hollywood by means of the paper has failed...spectacularly. I spent 75 Euros on advertisements and didn't sell a single book. The column got 6 votes, but needed 70 plus. Furthermore, I send a copy of Hollywood to Marvel Entertainment. (This happened a while back) The (To be honest, I was expecting this, but it still sucks.)

So I'm spending today doing R and D on further options. First up, a minor review/upgrade of this Blog/site. By my count this will be version 2.1

(The original color scheme with way to many labels was 1.0, then I cleaned up the labels - creating version 1.1. Next I added the 'about me' page, creating version 1.2. And then I changed the color scheme, creating 2.0.)

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