Monday, August 7, 2017

And another Four !

Hello world,

So...I ended up riding a wave a of inspiration a bit longer then planned. Chapter 9 of Nova Roma went up on 23 July, followed by Chapter 10 on 29 July. Then I began work on Chapter 11. The thing was....Chapter 11 (which was posted on 6 August) ended on a cliffhanger.

And it just felt wrong to leave said cliffhanger unresolved. (That's one of the reason's I started this story, so that I could - hopefully - one day, solve what happened to Eli.) And today I posted Chapter 12. As for Chapter 13 ?....well, that is unlucky. Unlucky because it will have to wait. Tomorrow I am resuming work on my NCIS story. Later.

Edmond Dantes

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