Friday, March 30, 2018

Stargate Universe 2.0 Briefing

Hello World,

I am continuing my attempt to rally support for Stargate Universe 2.0. Today, I used my LinkedIn page - in a professional capacity - for the first time. (Up until now, I have simply been gathering family and friends, slowly building up my network.) I send an invitation to Mr. Mike Dopud and Dr. Bill Dow. I am well aware that the chances of them replying are not big. But if they do, what's on the blog now, is not really helpful. And even if they do not, the information will - hopefully - be interesting for other people. So without further ado, on to the.....

Stargate Universe 2.0 Brief / Q & A

Q: Why a soft reboot ?

A: Its a combination of practical and story telling reasons. A couple of practical reasons: The sets are gone. The actors have moved on. (And in some cases - such as Robert Carlyle and Ming-Na Wen - have long-term commitments.) Also, a new central character would work as McGuffin for explanation scenes. (With the new character being a substitute for new viewers, lowering the threshold for them.)

Q: Who would the central character ?

A: Lieutenant-Colonel Marc Vale. Vale is the commanding officer of the Beta Site. (The IOA tried to cut corners by modifying an existing base, instead of building a new Icarus Base.) However, something does wrong - is this project cursed or something ? - and Colonel Vale ends up leading his people through the Stargate (and a nine chevron wormhole).

Q: So they end up on Destiny ?

A: No. This is were the reboot kicks in. Instead of ending up on Destiny, the crew finds themselves aboard Spera (which is Ancient for Hope). Spera is the Destiny's Alpha Site. The actual pitch has a whole page of technobabble to explain how this fits into the established lore of the show. But for here I'll just say that I was able to make it fit like a glove. (I can't remember who wrote the season 1 episode Solitudes, but thank you !)

Q: But Destiny - and the original crew - will feature ?

A: That is the long-term plan. For long term, read: Near the end of season. Around episode 17 (out of 20). Of course, right now, the chance of that happening is extremely remote. Because right now, I have not gotten a single reply and this pitch has not gone within a light-year of MGM.

Q: Finally, who would play Colonel Vale and why ?

A: I have send a copy of my pitch to Goran Visnijic. My reasoning was that for this proposal to work, I needed an actor who was.... A) Really good at his job. Having seen Mr. Visnijic in ER (as Doctor Luka Kovac) I felt this was the case. B) Had not been in the franchise before. C) If possible, was a Stargate fan. According to Amanda Tapping, this is true for Mr. Visnijic.

This concludes my briefing.


Edmond Dantes (aka Ruben Hilbers)

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